An Attack Simulation among Granite Outcrops
By Jahandar

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Title : An Attack Scenario among Granite Outcrops
Filename :
Author : Jahandar ([SS] Jahandar, MD)
Release Date  : June 22, 2001 (2:35 am)
Email Address :
Game : Team Fortress, MegaTF/2k

Zip Contents: 20 Files: 1 map (51 textures, 80+ entities), 1 text file, 3 wavs, 6 models, 1 loc file, 1 config file, 1 screenshot, 1 skybox (6 files).
Base : This is a new level, built from scratch.
Tools used: Qoole 2.50, Lord Havoc's Map Utilities, TextPad, EntEd, MipDip, PaintShopPro, ACDSee, TreeQBSP, QuakeForge, and others.
Duration of Construction : 1 month
Build Computer: AMD K6/2 500mhz 64 MB RAM
TREEQBSP Time: 13 Seconds
HVIS Time: 5394 Seconds (1.498333334 Hours)
HLIGHT Time: 37 seconds
Known Bugs:: None.


(c) June, 2001. All rights reserved. Distribution and/or Gameplay on game other than the [SS] Headquarters requires permission from the author. For information on the [SS] Headquarters, go to: or connect to


This map is optimized for QuakeForge and Mega2k! However, until QuakeForge better supports sky boxes, in order for the map to be viewed properly, the server admin should run the map by executing the included config file ("rcon exec granite.cfg") or the players should load the skybox themselves, by typing "loadsky badomen" in the console.


FILES (with structure) :
/maps/granite.bsp : The map itself
/maps/granite.txt : The map's reame (this file)
/maps/granite.loc : Location coordinates for QuakeForge
/maps/granite.cfg : The special config file (see above)
/maps/granite.jpg : A screenshot
/sound/misc/flagtk.wav : A Sound file
/sound/misc/flagtf.wav : A Sound file
/sound/weapons/pkup.wav : A Sound file
/progs/treasurechest.mdl : A model
/progs/engiegoodies.mdl : A model
/progs/banner.mdl : A model
/progs/tpad.mdl : A model
/progs/backpack.mdl : A model
/progs/rlmtree1.mdl : A model
/env/badomenft.tga : Part 1 of the skybox (all are needed)
/env/badomenbk.tga : Part 2 of the skybox
/env/badomenlf.tga : Part 3 of the skybox
/env/badomenrt.tga : Part 4 of the skybox
/env/badomenup.tga : Part 5 of the skybox
/env/badomendn.tga : Part 6 of the skybox

Download this map: (1.17MB)