Listed below are a few of my programming projects (professional and personal).

Studio DB
        A multiuser Workflow and Data Management system for professional photography studios. Built on the Catalyst MVC Framework with DBIx::Class for SQL object-relational mapping. Currently in development.

Generic Editor Adaptor (GEA)
        Facilitates the embedding of virtually any WYSIWYG HTML editor into the Coranto open-source content management system.

Coranto RTE
        Adds a WYSIWYG HTML editor to the Coranto open-source content management system. My customized RTE also includes a prefab code snippet inserter and an enhanced image inserter.

JA Gadget
        A query-response-style interactive bot that offers various features to players in an online multiplayer game. Among other things, it can organize, host, and record live tournaments.

Perl for QuickMacros
        Great for when QM's native language and VB Script just aren't enough, these functions will allow the use of ActiveState's "PerlScript" ActiveX engine in QuickMacros via Windows Script Host.

Peptide Distribution Analysis
        A set of biology software tools now in use by post-genomic researchers at Mississippi State University, employs Java and Perl.

Photo Gallery Scripts
        Automates uploading, formatting, and display of images in web galleries. Uses Perl, C++, Javascript. Users batch upload images to the website, resizing and thumbnail generation is done automatically. The perl script then fetches the appropriate images for display in a gallery with a javascript slideshow. Can also interface with shopping cart programs.