I've worked on many maps for many games. Below are some sample screenshots and information for just a few of them. Note that in proper gaming culture fashion, these maps were all released under a screen name. In most cases the maps were made under my usual screen name, Jahandar, unless otherwise specified.


 Development screenshots. Click any image to view a larger version.

Remagen Remagen Remagen

Other Maps
UNTITLED (Quake1 MegaTF)
This was a very ambitious first attempt for me, the map was huge. A bit too much for me at the time, and so it never made it past the beta stage. One day I'd like to revisit it, though.

Click here for more information and screenshots for this map.

GRANITE (Quake1 MegaTF)
The full title of this map is "An Attack Simulation among Granite Outcrops." This map was the first to feature many new capabilities afforded to maps by the QuakeForge engine and has recieved positive reviews.

Click here for more information and to download this map.

REMAGEN (Half-Life: DoD)
This is an early (very early) screenshot of an unfinished map for Day of Defeat.

Click the image for a larger version

Here are various other maps and map mods that either don't warrant their own section, or just don't have one yet.
t1_Sour Mod JA
t1_Danger Mod JA
t3_Byss Mod JA
Rooftops MegaTF
Truck MegaTF
Vote40 Mod MegaTF
Oak DoD
Manor Thievery